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Unique Ways to Make Split Face Tiles Look More Innovative

We all look for some innovative ideas to make better use of the tiles that we will be using for our house’s renovation. This can be easily done if we hire an interior designer but that costs a lot and is not possible all the time. So instead we can know well about effective ways of using certain tiles to make our houses look more decorative.


For instance split face tiles can look more artistic if they are used in the following ways-

To see more designs click below: https://www.tilezone.co.uk/split-face-mosaics

  • Use it in hallway – hallway is one of the most viewed place of our home, making it look innovative would be the best thing. So use the split face mosaic tiles or split face tiles in different sizes in the hallway. Textured tiles will give your hallway a very innovative and artistic look.
  • Take it up – Take it up usually suggests you to take your mosaic tiles or split face tiles up from the stairs directing towards your other rooms. Now the advantage of this is that these tiles are very binding, give a vintage look and require very low maintenance. Not only will this but they surely look way better than just painted wall stairways. So split face tiles are just the right choice for your home décor.

Entrance – whether you are staying in your own bungalow or a normal flat, entrances matter the most. So using these natural looking stone tiles at your entrance will give a very unusual and creative look to everyone, especially when these tiles are used around your name plate.  These entrances with natural stoned look give away a very positive and calm vibe to the visitors which are the best sign indeed!bathroom

Dine in style – Dining room is another one place where almost all the guests enter, so giving it a classy look with mosaic tiles will be the best way to do it. Many people use quartz wall tiles in the dining room for a very artistic and calm look because of the natural looking stone tiles.

  • Style your sunroom – everyone has a balcony and a garden area, the place where sun shines the most. To make this beautiful natural looking place look more innovative make effective use of the split face tiles to decorate it. Bright sun on the naturally stoned looking tiles can be the best thing to see early morning while sipping in your coffee.
  • Now using these split face tiles and mosaic tiles is no toughie, we all know how to make their impactful use in the house.  Go through various textures and designs to pick up the right ones for your home decoration and interior.

So get set décor your home now with these artistic looking split face tiles and bring out the best looks in your house, other than split face tiles or mosaic tiles no other tiles can bring the best classy look in your house.  You can any day mix the natural vintage look with some other tiles to add sparkles and aesthetic touch in your house’s looks.

Use as art pieces – Now it is not necessary to make the use of split face mosaic tiles all over a wall, you can even make use of it like an art piece. Make use of different textures of split face tiles around your photo frames or to make any signs or directions. Using these split face tiles in a creative way around things or to make the sign is one of the trendiest things.



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