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Transform a Blank Wall into an Amazing Wall with Five Great Projects

If you have a blank wall in your home and you are just stumped on what to do with it, don’t worry. Now you can easily transform it into something awesome with one the simple and quick projects from this awesome infographic from Sykes Cottages.

The graphic details how you can take any blank wall in your home and turn it into a usable and beautiful space. While the infographic gives 8 projects let’s look at the five favorites in a little detail.

Turn a Hall Wall into A Chalkboard Family Planning Center

This project is super easy, takes only about three hours, including drying time, and lets you turn that big blank wall in your hallway into a family planning center using individually colored chalkboard squares for each family member. While the project shows the boards being done all square you can change the shape to anything you want to match the personality of the family member or just to keep things visually interesting. Add on a small shelf for the chalk and an eraser to be stored and maybe a small corkboard for pinning items, which again can be cut to any shape you chose, and you have a full fledged family center that you will use every day.

Turn A Small Blank Kitchen Wall into a Wine Display Rack

Using some basic tools, and a little time, you can create a stunning wine display space for your favorite vintages, or rare treasured finds. Even if you are not handy with tools, you can always get your local home improvement store to do the cutting, sanding, and such or you and then all you have to do is the basic and simple assembly. Everyone loves wine, and this way you can display your fav’s while protecting them and turning a blank wall into something useful at the same time.

Make a Full Wall Chalkboard in the Kids Rooms

Take a boring, bland, and awkward wall in your kid’s rooms and turn it into a full wall chalkboard that they will use every day. This will not only help them with their organization, but also with their creativity, and with their school work. The best part is that you can use acrylic paints to add special designs and patterns to the edges of the chalkboard are so as to not replace a big white boring wall, with a big black boring wall.

Turn a Boring Bathroom Wall into a Beautiful Living Decoration with a Plant Wall

The bathroom is the perfect place for a plant wall. There is lots of moisture, usually a decent amount of sunlight from the windows, and a significant lack of color. A plant wall works well here providing not only a nice place to display your small plants and potted flowers, but to also change that boring wall you have no idea what to do with into a space that will add a brightness to the room. It should also be noted that fresh plants in the space will help to clean the air and leave it fresh and sweet smelling at all times.

Turn a Blank Space in the Master Bedroom into a Shelving Gallery

 A shelving Gallery in the master bedroom will provide you with a perfect place to display keepsakes, mementoes, and heirlooms that you love. Every day when you wake up you will be greeted by the sight of the things that you cherish the most and it will put you in the kind of mood that will get you ready to take on the day and its challenges. It’s a simple project that will make a huge difference in one of the most important rooms in your home.

With these five projects and the other three on the infographic you can take any blank wall in your home and turn it into a functional and beautiful space. All of the projects on the infographic can be accomplished with little effort and basic supplied you can get cheaply at any home improvement retailer or crafting store. They are also all great projects that you get the whole family involved in so they make perfect rainy day activities for the kids.




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