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Top Tips for Moth Removal and Prevention around the Home

Here’s a fun fact. A moth is several times stronger and faster than a butterfly. This is why moth control can be so difficult. Moths are one of the most hated pests, and the fact that they can do damage to our clothes and soft furnishings makes them even more abhorred. There is actually a medical phobia of moths called Mottephobia, and is a lot more common than you might think. But mainly, people just don’t like moths.

Because we’re not too keen on having moths in our homes, we want to keep them outside. We’ve all had that experience in the night where a moth lands on you and you jump a foot into the air in surprise.

Here are some top tips from Empire Pest Control for keeping moths away from your home.

  • Use yellow light outside Moths love light, and are very attracted to the brightest light. Using yellow lights outside your home is better than using brighter white lighting. Better yet, if you’re neighbours have brighter lights, the moths will flock to their house instead.
  • Use solar-powered lights outside – Solar-powered light in your garden will help to attract moths towards those instead of towards your home. The further away you can put the lights the more effective they will be. Plus they’re cheap too.
  • Keep your windows shut – We hardly ever have a hot summer in the UK, so keeping the windows closed isn’t too difficult. Cutting off the moths access will stop them infesting your home. If you do have the windows open, make sure your lights are off.
  • Close your wardrobe Moths love to chow down on natural fibres. So if you have items made of natural fibres in your wardrobe, they will be very attracted to it. The last thing you want is a holey cashmere cardigan when it comes to winter.
  • Get professional help – Once a small amount of moths have entered your home, they can cause a lot of damage in a short space of time. When they’re in, it doesn’t matter what preventative measure you put in place. It will be too late. Calling in professional pest controllers will help eradicate your moth infestation and keep your home safe from moth damage.



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