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Top 10 Tenant Qualities

As a landlord, one of the hardest things you may have to do is to find a good tenant to occupy your space. While there are tons of people looking for places to live, they may not have the same values and follow the same rules you do as an owner. So, in order to ensure you pick the best tenants possible for your properties, keep an eye out for these top ten tenant qualities.

A steady income

It may seem as a no-brainer to allow tenants without a steady income into your property, but it is done more than you may know. Most landlords think that just because their tenants can pay, they have nothing to worry about. However, what happens if something comes up and their income becomes limited?

As a good rule of thumb, only approve tenants if they have a good credit score, a job with a steady income, and the price of rent isn’t more than 30% of their income. This can easily be determined via an online rental application.

No criminal history

While this isn’t always the case, a person’s past can be indicative of how they can treat your property and you as a landlord. Stay safe and protected by not allowing individuals with a criminal history to be tenants.

Appropriate social media use

As a landlord, it is perfectly acceptable to take a look at your potential tenant’s social media accounts. Doing so may give you a good idea of how they act and socialize, which can be a determining factor in choosing them as a tenant. For example, if they have a pet and you have a no-pet policy, you’ll know that they probably won’t be a best fit for your rental.

Communicates efficiently

It goes without saying that you will want to be there for your tenants if something goes amiss on your property. But you will only know to help if they reach out to you in a timely and professional manner. Communication is key with tenants, so make it clear before they move in how you expect to be contacted, whether it is via a call, text, or email.

No secret roommates

A proper tenant will abide by the rules in your lease, which most likely will state that there cannot be others living with them unless they are on the lease. Additionally, if they expect to have long-term guests, they should notify you as soon as possible.

Minimal shenanigans

You want your tenants to have fun in your property—it is where they live, after all. However, your place is not a college dorm and deserves to be treated with respect and with minimal damage incurred within the space.

Good rental history

Rental history is perfect in seeing how your tenant acted in the past. If possible, make sure to ask for contact information from past landlords to see if this is available to look at before you accept their application.

Glowing reviews

Always ask for a few character reviews on potential tenants. This way, you will know information on how honest, respectful, and trustworthy they are.

Exceptional cleanliness

A good tenant must clean up after themselves in proper fashion, as damages can be caused resulting from an unsanitary environment. Be sure to include cleanliness as a lease requirement and to inform potential tenants that they will be responsible for maintaining the property and keeping it in the condition in which they received it.

A long term commitment

Landlords want tenants who can renew their lease as many times as possible. You can always judge their commitment by asking how long they plan to stay to get a good judge of where they stand.

As long as you find tenants with these qualities, you won’t have anything to worry about when it comes to the security, maintenance, and upkeep of your property.



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