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Simply Stone: Veneer Panels Look Great Inside and Outside

Homeowners looking to add a unique edge to their interior and exterior design projects need look no further than stacked stone veneer panels, which can create a beautiful visual finish for walls and other features in the bathroom, dining room, kitchen, outdoor patios, and elsewhere.

Stone veneer panels are designed to look just like they’re cut from actual stone such as marble, slate, and travertine (a type of limestone). But instead of the massive costs and installation headaches involved with using full stone, veneers are produced by applying thin layers of the actual stone to a lightweight material used for paneling, which costs much less than the real thing.

In addition to the low cost of stone veneer panels compared to using real stone, veneers are also much easier to install. They’re also available in a huge range of designs, which makes them a wonderful option for interior and exterior design projects, particularly those on a budget.

For outside areas, many homeowners like to used stacked stone, which as the name suggests uses stone veneer panels of varying height, width, and depth to create the image of stones stacked one on top of the other. A great way to use this outside is for an open-air dining area and cover the walls, stove surround, and other units with a gold slate veneer with blends of gray, brown, green and blue. This creates a rustic appearance that will look amazing no matter the season.

But stacked stone veneer panels are just as impressive inside, for example, by creating an accent wall in an interior dining room. Use a travertine veneer panel in shades of white or cream, with the varying sizes of panels offering a great three-dimensional (3D) look that will catch anyone’s eye.

Marble is one of the many stones available for veneer panels, and can work wonders in the living room. Create a classic yet warm and inviting area by paneling the wall around a fireplace with marble slate veneer in shades of gray and white, neutral colors that will not only complement the fireplace but also pair effortlessly with living room furniture of many different colors.

Or consider using stone veneer panels in the kitchen, perhaps by using marble veneer panels with veins of gray to create an elegant look for the backsplashes, which are the walls in the kitchen behind the sink and other food preparation areas that catches spills. Veneer panels are incredibly easy to clean with the use of some soap and warm water, which is yet another reason why they’re ideal in heavily used rooms where a lot of spills are to be expected.

The ease of cleaning and maintaining stone veneer panels also makes them a great choice for the bathroom. One way to use stacked stone for a dramatic, aesthetically pleasing, and rustic look, is to use deep shades of browns, grays, beiges.

Whether the home design project is for a home’s interior or the exterior, the examples above show why stacked stone veneer panels should be something considered for the perfect finish.



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