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Security for Your Driveway and Front Yard


It was after dark and the Federal Judge pulled into her driveway. The headlights that were blinding and then darkness did not allow her to see who had a gun and was ready to shoot her. Next, was the shot which didn’t kill her but put her out of work for several months. The gunman was a man who the Judge was planning to revoke his parole.

True story

This is a true story – but with a few things changed in home and yard, it could experience a safer driveway. If she had seen the gunman before pulling into the driveway, she could have just driven by and stop this scenario from happening.

Driveway security

To make driveway and home security better is to put up lights up and down along the driveway that could be turned on as you are approaching the home. And the cost-effective way to do this is by using solar lights as they are inexpensive and use renewable energy.


Step 2

Step 2 in the promotion of better security is to install a light fixture for the front porch. This makes sure that this light illuminates the area well and it can also have a motion sensor. You can also put additional motion sensor lights in other areas also. Perhaps one can be attached to the top garage corner, where it can spotlight the driveway when activated. The judge could have had the armed assassin scared away before she even pulled into the driveway.

Serious driveway protection

This is the time to get serious about the depth of driveway protection. The security measures already mentioned are more suitable for extra security when you pay attention to the outdoors. But when it comes to security, driveway alarms can help eliminate the unexpected.

Rural areas

Alarms in the driveway have a base that is inside the house, alerting you if someone pulls up in your driveway. One model can detect up to 50 feet and transmit up to half a mile way. This means that it would be perfect for advanced warning of any one walking up or pulling a car up for those long driveways especially in rural areas.



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