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Quilts And Quilt Covers: An Art-Piece For Caomfort And Warmth During The Winters

A quilt is an important part of a comfortable living for centuries across the globe. Not just bed covers, quilts have also been used as a decorative artwork in many modern and traditional homes. To protect and preserve this unique patchwork, covers are made.

Materials used in quilt covers

Quilt covers are very similar to blankets. It is made up of flat soft bag filled with either feathers, cotton, wool or a combination of either two. It is primarily three-layered bedding which is stitched together consisting of a top layer, a batting layer, and the backing. In olden days, it was mostly filled with feathers, leaves or grass but in modern era, cotton, wool or artificial fibres are used.

Comes in varied designs and pattern

Quilts covers come in varied patterns. Over the years, people have come up with different patterns that are quite appealing. There is something called patchwork quilting, where cloth scraps are sewed to form designs and geometrical figures. A quilt cover is made using appliqué, a method of sewing where different forms of fabrics is stitched with one another. Embroidered quilt covers are the usual ones that add decoration made using handwork or machine.

Exclusive piece of art

Primarily used for insulation, this piece of comforter has evolved as an artwork for many showing exquisite patterns and combinations of colour and texture. It is often said that quilt covers made during colonial times had stories to tell on the woman who crafted it. It was the reflections of that woman’s feelings, attitudes and beliefs.


Indeed, a piece of utility used for warmth and comfort, has become an epitome of imagination and creativity. There is huge demand for exclusive designer quilt covers. It is a true bedroom inspiration. We may come across cover sets that suit every taste. Be it contemporary, on-trend prints to timeless classics, you name it, and it is available for you. Your bedroom decor is incomplete without a king quilt covers set. The well-coordinated cover with other accessories gives a perfect look to your bedroom.



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