Questions To Ask Your Potential Roofing Contractors

Roof repair and replacement cost serious money. It’s an investment nobody likes to make, but when the time does come to go through with it, you definitely want to have it done properly and, get the best value for money, if possible.

You can do a simple roofing estimate in terms of colour and materials, but the most important step in the process is finding and appointing a suitable roofing contractor who will give you an honest and accurate calculation of the overall costs, and deliver a solid and stable enough roof to last a few decades. Let’s take a look at a few questions which might help you narrow down your list of potential contractors to employ for the job.

Who Will Be Taking Charge Of My Roof Job?

This question is applicable based on company size, Orlando roofing contractors advise. If it’s a really big contractor working multiple jobs simultaneously, it is very difficult for the business owner to cover all work sites in a day. If that is the situation with your roofer, a reputable contractor will appoint a contact person or on-site manager for the job in progress.

Make sure you hire a company who will send over a qualified supervisor who is familiar with all the details on your roofing project and capable of answering all your questions and concerns about roofing materials to supply, for example, as well as promptly resolving any issues that might occur in the process. You are not supposed to have to tackle any situations over the phone or figure out next steps, as your roofing team will know what they are doing.

Do You Have Any References?

Good roofing companies are easy to point out, based on their workload during the summer. They are usually packed with jobs, and most wouldn’t mind you seeing them in action on a work site. If you are looking to appoint somebody off-season and they don’t seem to have other ongoing projects, they should be able to provide references from other home owners who have already taken advantage of their services. Or you can browse the web for individual feedback, reviews and tips, such as in this article.

A good roofing contractor would proudly show off their work and show no concerns about you discussing the quality of their installation with previous customers. On the other hand, if they refuse to give you any references or try to evade answering questions about past projects they have worked on, this should raise a red flag about their trustworthiness.

Will You Remove The Old Roof?

Make sure you learn a few things about roof replacement basics before you even begin your search for a roofer. This will give you enough competence to ask valid questions and know what topics to cover in the interview. An example would be old roof removal before a new installation is made. Ask if your contractor is going to do that and whether the service price is included in the initial quote or final estimate. Absolutely check that before you commit to signing a contract in order to avoid a huge start and end cost discrepancies.

This is quite a big part of the roofing costs, and while most companies are pretty upfront about giving you a price for it, you want to be guarded against those who include roof removal fees at the end of the project and surprise the owner with a very different price from what was initially negotiated.


How Do You Protect The Surrounding Area?

Any roof repair or replacement comes with a lot of mess. The teardown process and removal of the old shingles leaves a lot of debris and can cause potential damage to the surrounding area, especially when the house is encompassed by a garden. Tools, nails and shingles flying around have the potential to destroy flower beds, bushes and virtually everything that is placed in immediate proximity.

Unless you want to recreate your garden space from scratch, you’d better ask your potential roofer about how they plan to protect your landscaping and whether they have developed a system in such cases. It is definitely a good idea to let them know you are concerned but a real professional will already keep that in mind and have a plan as to how to avoid damaging the surrounding area.

How Long Will The Job Take?

This is a very normal question to ask, since you definitely want to know how long they will be working on the house you live in. You are hardly fond of the idea of having workers wake you up at 7 in the morning, so you will want to prepare by asking how long they expect your project to take. The specific parameters of your individual project should also be taken into consideration. Different roof issues require an individual approach in each case. You can check out more information on how certain problems are tackled at https://www.thisoldhouse.com/ideas/33-your-toughest-roofing-questions-answered.

In case you are interviewing several roofers at the same time, you will notice they will give you different installation times. This is due to the fact that every contractor has a different number of jobs running simultaneously. A very busy company might take longer to complete your roofing project, whereas another with no other contracts will give you a very short estimate. Try to go for the middle ground, a contractor with enough customers to vouch for their trustworthiness, but not so busy that your roof is left on hold indefinitely.



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