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Precautions to be taken while cleaning windows

Cleaning windows might seem an easy job but it has its own threats so here are various things to be kept in mind while cleaning windows and also while employing the window washers:

  1. Age of the cleaner-

The person who is employed for cleaning the windows must be more than 18 years of age.

  1. Protective clothing:

 The cleaners must have protective clothing or uniforms on while cleaning. The protective clothing is necessary to prevent many health hazards due to chemicals and toxic substances.

  1. Using banners or signs:

When the work of window cleaning is in progress, the banners must be put up. The banners must include sentences like, work in progress, danger- overhead work in progress and must contain danger signs. This helps the people passing by to walk cautiously and also helps the people driving in the nearby area. The banners are helpful for the window cleaners so that no one accidentally harms the workers.

  1. Using ladders:

Many of the professional window cleaners use ladders while working at height. Using the ladders leads to many accidents and fall of the workers from a height. So, it is very important to choose correct ladders while working. The ladder must be long enough to reach the required height. The ladder must be supported at the foot end to prevent slipping and to maintain balance. If there is a chance of falling of the window cleaner from more than 3 meters height, a fall arresting system must be set up beforehand. The ladder used should be good in condition. The workers must think about their own safety while working on the ladders.

  1. Chemicals used:

Chemicals may be harmful for the worker and may cause serious health issues. Proper selection of chemicals is an important task. The workers are constantly exposed to these chemicals so they should be used wisely and also non harmful or less toxic chemicals have to be used.

  1. Medical conditions:

When the window cleaners are assigned to work at a height, their medical records must be checked first. People suffering from serious medical disorders like epilepsy, psychiatric disorders, joint problems, heart diseases, lung diseases, etc. must not be employed for cleaning windows at a height.

  1. Instructions and training:

When the workers are assigned for the work of window cleaning at a height, they must be well instructed and well trained. If the person is not well trained, he might end up with serious injuries. So, before the job is given, all the instructions regarding the work must be given. Also, well experienced workers should be selected for dangerous jobs.

These are the basic safety precautions taken while cleaning windows. We must take care of the workers employed for this job and also make sure that the company employing them takes proper safety precautions while assigning them the work.



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