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What is the “Alabama Real Estate Investor Association”? This association came out of thedefinite need for training and education. Education is the top reason that people succeed or fail in the real estate field. This organization offers world-class training and education in real estate for all its members.


The “Alabama Real Estate Investors Association” or AlaREIA for short; is the educational platform for real estate in Alabama and was created to take the beginner or novice and even investors who are seasoned and move them all through education to the next level in the real estate business. It was started in Birmingham, Alabama but has quite rapidly expanded into the Montgomery and Huntsville markets. This organization is all about giving its members the strategies to use in today’s real estate investing.

Complicated field

This is a field that can be complicated if not trained properly. The vision of this organization is to provide the best real estate education for only a fraction of the cost. With local investors who have been very successful all around this state and who have the will to share insider secrets, this creates a win-win for everyone rather than just a cut-throat field of investing. They mean they are committed to everyone’s success.

Commits to education

Here are some of the ways where AlaREIA is committed to you.

Monthly meetings

These meetings are designed to make more deals. Between networking with real estate professionals who are like-minded and getting world-class training from all the speakers they come, it is the best place to make good deals.


The organization sponsors significant discounts on their services and goods that are essential for those local real estate investors.

Master Class Podcast

These podcasts are the essential tool for all investors who are serious about investing in Alabama. Every week they have expert guests helping to educate their audience on the ins and outs and have become a must-listen for those wanting more success.

This is just the beginning of all that this organization can offer the person just beginning in the real estate field in Alabama.



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