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How To Tell If You Have A Fox Problem

Foxes are incredibly common across the UK. There’s some tell-tale signs that foxes are becoming a problem for you. This is when you need to take action against them, and call in the pest control experts.

Here are some of the signs to look out for, to find out if you have a fox problem in your home.

  • Paw prints – Don’t own a pet but keep finding paw prints? It’s a fox! When you’re in your garden, take a quick look to see if there are any paw prints around. If you keep seeing the paw prints around your garden, your new visitor is coming round often! Remember a foxes paw will look very similar to a dog, so if it’s quite small, it’s probably a cat.
  • Finding holes in the ground – Foxes love to dig a good hole. So don’t start blaming the dog if you suddenly find holes popping up around your garden. The holes a fox will dig are quite large, because they like to hide in them. Rabbits make the same sort of holes, but are much less likely to be the cause of the problem.
  • Vegetables being eaten – If you love to grow fruit and vegetables in your garden, you may start to notice them go missing. Check with the kids first, and if it keeps magically disappearing, a fox may be the issue.
  • Pets going missing – Poor bunnies are easy prey for a fox. If you’ve noticed your pet rabbit or other outdoor pet has gone missing, there’s a predator on the prowl. Pets such as cats and dogs won’t normally attack a rabbit, so the fox is usually the main culprit.

These are the most obvious signs to tell you, you have a fox problem to deal with. A great approach to the problem is to have a pest control professional check your property over. They will be able to determine whether its foxes, or another pest. An expert can then provide you with a fox treatment to get rid of your infestation in the right way to suit you and your family.



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