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How to Build Your Perfect Narrow Lot Home

You’ve found the perfect lot. It’s close to school or work, it’s the right price, and it’s in the neighborhood you fancy. The only trouble is that it’s really narrow. How do you work with a narrow lot and build a home that doesn’t feel and look cramped?

Make the ceilings high

High ceilings are the best way to make a small room feel larger. With all that space above your head, you’re less likely to feel cramped or restricted. If you have two floors, put a void over the living room. It will center the room as the focal point of the house while making it feel light and large.

Put the front door on the side

No law mandates that you must put your main entrance on the front of the house, and putting it on the side of the structure allows you to build a little pathway through your garden and create a more inviting entrance area.

Use pocket doors

Pocket doors, also known as cavity sliding doors, give you more space. Instead of installing traditional doors that impinge on hallway or room space whenever they open, install doors that will slide neatly into the wall and always be out of the way.

Keep things bright and airy

When space is small, darkness and dim lighting are not your friends. The more light you let in, the more spacious everything feels. While installed lighting isn’t bad, natural light is always better for making things feel roomy. If you are concerned about people looking in, consider skylights and upper wall windows that can let in light without compromising your privacy.

Minimize the number of walls

The more walls you have, the smaller every single space becomes. Open floor plans that keep the kitchen, living room, and dining room spaces together can make if feel as if you have as large a living space as you would in a house of twice the size.

Use light and neutral palettes

Lighter colors will make things seem more open. A lighter palette will also reflect the natural light and help you get the most from your windows. To keep things interesting, throw in a few pops of a dark or bright color. In moderation, this contrast will be welcoming and spacious.

Use all the space

A common issue in smaller homes is figuring out where to store all your stuff. Vertical space is often ignored in these situations, and that’s a mistake. Cabinets placed up high and floor-to-ceiling shelving give you more options for storage without pushing into your living space.


A hallway in the middle of the house eats up a lot of space. When you have a narrow house you can’t afford to lose that space. Get your custom home designer to help you put hallways along the outside of the home. Line them with windows to make them feel open.

Consider putting the garage in the back

A rear garage could be the perfect choice, especially if you have property with access to two streets. If you’re putting in a garage, don’t be afraid to consider what else you could use it for besides car storage. You can make it a storage area for seasonal items or even build in a small home office to take some of the strain off the main living space.

Use mirrors wisely

Mirrors are a well-known trick for making a small space look larger. The key to getting the most out of your mirrors is to determine the focal point of your room and then put all the mirrors at an angle towards it. The combination of extra reflected light and depth illusion will make the space seem far larger, and is just one great way of making your narrow home feel anything but.



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