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Five Grown-Up Vacation Activities in Barbados

Barbados is a place of remarkable beauty and breathtaking scenery. The home of R&B sensation Rihanna, this tropical oasis is a much sought-after destination by many a worldly traveler. Exceptional Villas realizes the potential for adventure and unforgettable memories provided by Barbados, and appropriately presents a short list of things for the average thrill-seeking adult to do while in town, many of which can be facilitated through said company. Each of these activities can be readily accessed any time of the year, providing a year-round encyclopedia of information to absorb. In Barbados, a microcosm of culture and aesthetic wonder are available for hungry eyes to take in.

As stated before, Barbados is a place of natural wonder. After leaving a patented Barbados Villa Wonder, an adventure-hungry tourist can dutifully venture into the forests, seascapes and mountains of this Caribbean heaven. A sailing cruise or charter can be booked anywhere from Bridgetown to Christ Church Parish, as well as surfing lessons for those inclined to get even more intimate with the pristine, sparkling waters. Bridgetown embraces the oceanic life, going another level in depth with snorkeling tours and scuba diving tutorials under watchful eyes.

In addition to the outdoor spectacles of Barbados, there are a disproportionately high number of jewelry and art centers scattered throughout the country. Heather Harrington Jones Fine Jewelry in Holetown and Colombian Emeralds International in Bridgetown are stunning examples of discerning jewelry proprietors and warrant at least a quick visit whenever one is in the area. This inclination towards luxury is every bit as bold as its predilections towards art, boasting a wealth of independent galleries such as the Gallery of Caribbean Art in Spleightstown or the On The Wall Art Gallery in Saint Thomas Parish.

The natural produce of Barbados, resplendent in its vibrant colors and bold tastes, is a highly desirable addition to any vacation diet. The savvy tourist can shave some bucks off their tour budget while simultaneously enjoying the literal fruit of the land with a quick stop at an open market. Hastings Farmers Market, a staple of Hastings for quite some time, prides itself on showcasing the finest in Barbados’ premiere independent local farmers. Similarly, Holders Farmers Market of Holders Hill regularly trots out mouth-watering organic specimens of all sorts with a dignified sort of edgy flair.

While the natural beauty of Barbados provides an endless number of spiritually-enriching diversions, there is also the thriving nightlife of the country to take into account. Barbados is home to hundreds of bustling bars and clubs, each providing opportunities for once-in-a-lifetime memories. Tourists who enjoy a good shot or ten scarcely have to look far, for a friendly watering hole exists on nearly every corner. For guests in the St. Lawrence Gap, establishments such as Scoopie’s Jazz, The Old Jamm Inn and Hal’s Car Park Bar constantly entertain company.

The list goes on. It rolls long and hard, like a gambler possessed with the Golden Arm during a hot streak in a smoky casino. Guests in Holetown can peruse the scenery of The Golden Anchor Bar, or get irie at the TML One Love Bar. Duke’s Night Lounge and Baku Beach Club, two additional Holetown establishments, provide patrons with an authentic beach-side experience they will not soon forget. Coach House and Waterfront Cafe are the Bridgeport counterparts to the aforementioned establishments, indirectly showcasing Barbados’ unparalleled talent for procuring beachfront merriment at reasonable prices.