Families: How to Save Money While Moving Across the Country

When you learn that you will be moving across the country, it is almost always an overwhelming feeling. As well as being emotionally trying, a cross-country move can also be financially draining. You need to look for ways to lessen the financial impact when you are making a move to the other side of the US. If you have recently learned that you will be making a long-distance move, follow these tips to save money while moving across the country.

Never Pay for Boxes

It is insane for you to pay for cardboard boxes when they are available for free from stores all over your town. American commerce thrives on the cardboard box, and every store is constantly dealing with getting rid of them. They will love to give you free cardboard boxes to lighten their load, and this will save you a nice chunk of change on your moving expenses.

Going with Professional Movers

If you are thinking about going with a professional moving service, you need to check out reviews of Nashville movers listed on the internet. If you have friends or family who can recommend someone, that’s great. However, you should always do your own research when you are planning on hiring professionals. You should make sure to check out as many reviews as you can to ensure that you find a dependable mover that will care for your stuff in the gentlest manner possible.

Get Rid of Your Stuff

If you have not yet embraced the fast-growing concept of minimalism, you should take your cross-country move as the perfect chance to hop onboard. When you are packing up your house, you should take the opportunity to get rid of all that useless clutter that you no longer need. When you are sorting through your possessions, you should get rid of anything you haven’t used in the past year. You should donate all of these items to charity if possible. Throw them away otherwise. Every pound that you can get rid of will lower the cost of your big move.

Have a Packing Party

One of the easiest, most enjoyable ways to lower your moving expenses is to host a packing party shortly before you leave. Invite all your friends and family over to help you blitz through your packing chores in no time at all. As soon as that is out of the way, you can have a big barbecue or pizza party with all the beer your loved ones can drink. These types of packing parties are full of emotions, giving you that cathartic moment you need to leave your old home unburdened with regrets.

Don’t Forget About the Tax Benefits

One of the most common financial mistakes that people make when they move is to forget about the tax benefits they are entitled to. Make sure that you keep every single receipt that is connected to your move in any way whatsoever. All of your moving expenses are tax deductible, and you can ensure that you get a nice tax refund next spring if you are smart with your moving expense record-keeping. Even the money you spend to feed your friends when they help you pack can be deducted. Enjoy the tax benefits that Uncle Sam provides you for your move.

Relocating your family across the country does not have to cost you dearly. You can minimize your expenses if you are smart about how you make the move. Make sure that you don’t rush the move if at all possible. Take your time to find the best deals, and you will discover that a cross-country move can be an affordable undertaking.




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