Factors to Consider When You Need a New Boiler

Installing a new boiler can be a difficult process, with a multitude of options to consider. Getting the process right can be incredibly rewarding, as you gain a more efficient boiler that heats your property well and saves you money on your energy bill. However, getting it wrong can lead to costly maintenance work and poor heating. Here, we list the factors you need to consider when you wish to fit a new boiler.

Investment outlook

Throughout the process of getting a new boiler, you must understand that the new product you will be receiving is an investment. There are significant upfront costs, but installing a quality product with a reliable, professional workman can see significant savings year-on-year. Costs can vary considerably when searching for a new boiler so don’t be afraid to spend more and get more return back from your investment.

Choosing the right boiler

The boiler itself is the most important aspect of the new boiler process. You need to consider your size of your property and the amount it is used to pick the optimal boiler for your needs. There are three types of boilers to choose from: combination boilers, conventional boilers, and system boilers. Everyone’s needs will differ, but most properties are suited to combination boilers. Use an independent review website such as Which? To decide which brands of boilers are of the highest quality. Worcester Bosch and Valliant boilers are examples of brands that consistently rate highly on independent review sites.


Who installs your boiler is important for the success of the fitting and the associated costs. Check out reviews and testimonials of local businesses. You want the guarantee that you will receive quality workmanship as well as honest advice and pricing. The best way of achieving this is by seeing what each option has done for other paying customers. Ensure that the fitter is a Gas Safe registered and qualified engineer. If they are not, they are not legally allowed to fit a new boiler. Click here for reputable Boiler Installation and Repair Services in Bournemouth.


As one would expect with a boiler replacement, there will be considerable disruption during the refitting time period. However, a reputable company should limit this period to a couple of hours before normality will resume. The installation process should also include a tour of your new boiler’s features and instructions on how to use it.

Through these guidelines, you have the perfect base to start the process of installing a new boiler. By carefully selecting the boiler and the installer you can guarantee that you will get a good result for a good price.



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