Every Move Is Different but This Move Is Totally Unique in NYC New York


Big Apple Moving is a very well-known company around New York City and the surrounding areas. Their moving services as well as storage services in and around the NYC area have unmatched quality and are true professionals. They work with their clients to tailor a plan that is suited specifically to that client’s preferences and requirements.

Home Improvement

A client can be moving out of their home for many reasons such as a temporary move while Home Improvement NYC is working on remodeling your home. This could mean a move of only several months to a year at most. It is dependent on how much work you are having done on your home for improvements. It might be a home you will be moving into or a home you have been living in for years. Either way to get needed improvements done, all your furniture needs to be removed and Big Apple Moving does several of these types of moves weekly.



No matter why you are moving from your home it is a very different process from moving your business or offices, so they need different approaches. Big Apple Moving are all:

  • Experienced
  • Skilled
  • Trained

They have several specialized teams to match every specific type of move that a customer requires. If this is due to a home improvement project the professional careand it does not matter whether you are moving hundreds of boxes or priceless antiques; they know how to handle all moves.

Stressful and time consuming

Moving for whatever reason is stressful and time consuming especially if you are trying to take care of them yourself. Not to mention that in several months you will be doing this again. Everyone discovers sometime in their life and it only takes one time moving yourself when it turns out being much more expensive than you thought it would. There are so many extras and unexpected expenses such as costs of gas, moving supplies and all of this will at some point leave you curled up in the corner of a room crying. But Big Apple moving full service movers will not just prove cost-effective, but safe – they have the connections and knowledge to take care of the move at the lowest possible cost. Big Apple will never suddenly had you a bill with any additional fees – the moving estimate you receive is what you will ultimately pay.


Because of the likelihood that you might need to store some of your items in storage in NYC, Big Apple movers suggest that you rent a mover and a packer in New York who havestorage capacity. Big Apple also has this capacity. And, to hire moving and storage Big Apple seems to be the company that you can have confidence in. Reliable and reputable storage through Big Apple storage is the only probable solutions that will guaranteethe safety of your belongings.


Moving consultant

They also provide you with an organizational moving consultant specializing in helping you plan everything to the letter. This personal consultant will work with you to draw up a customized moving plan that is suitable for your family and your needs.

Trying to take care of every aspect of a move by yourself will be:

  • Extremely stressful
  • Time consuming
  • Ultimately overwhelming

But Big Apple moving handles everything for you and our plans are designed to make it simple and painless as possible. Our extensively trained staff with assist you with every tiny detail of your residential move and then get you back in when your home improvements are done.


Piano movers

This company also has another name and that is Big Apple Piano Movers since they specialize in handling very heavy and large items such as a baby grand piano. They know that moving different types of instruments takes an expertise and cannot be done easy. When moving pianos, it is recommended that Big Apple Piano moving of your piano. Because they have the knowledge on how to do the job correctly; saving your instrument and removing any potential troubles from your relocation.

Lots to do

Keep in mind that there are a lot of jobs to do when moving your home in New York City. So, you can dedicate yourself to those other obligations. Prepare everything on time. Spend some quality time with family and neighbors. Don’t bother yourself with activities you know nothing about. Such as managing your piano relocation without the know-how that; this type of moving job takes. You could lose valuable time. Many times it is quite likely that something will go wrong. Hire piano moving and storage and remove as much stress from your New York home while it is being remodeled completely.

Unique moves

Every move is unique and if you are having home improvement and moving out and the moving back in –you have specific needs. Big Apple Movers will always consider your move as unique as are the specific needs of every client. This company will always consider your special situation to offer you one of their customized moving plans. You just need to offer this company some details on a budget and they will go out of the wayto find a plan that you are content with– you will not be surprise by any costs that are add later. No budget is too small and they will accept the challenge of working on a plan that is affordable, no matter your needs.

So, just contact Big Apple Movers, and Big Apple Piano Movers – tell them your needs to let them plan your move out of your home, what will go into storage and what will be moved into the temporary housing and then when getting all your home improvements done -moving everything back into your newly remodeled home. Just go to Big Apple Moving with this unique moving experience – that is at

And remember, this year may be hard and stressful but when you are moved back into your total remodeled home – it will be worth it as you will probably never have to move again.



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