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On the lookout for great custom foyer ideas? You know what they say about first impressions; you never get a second chance. Whether you reside in a single-family residence or flat, your entry is the chance to make a fantastic first impression. But, you might feel restricted by the actual floor space available to be utilized for your custom built entry area. Based upon the age and where your house was constructed, you could soon realize that your entrance area is horribly inadequate. Conversely, if you’re blessed with a huge foyer, you won’t need to be concerned about sufficient floor space. Regardless of your house’s floor plan, an entry area is the perfect place to start sharing your own personal style.

While your floor area might be lacking, a little entrance doesn’t mean it should lack character. The advantage of limited square footage is that it empowers one to set up finer designs without fretting about the price tag. Tile, especially marble or slate, is a material that offers durability and beauty. Neutral paint palettes highlighted with subtle pops of color are a superb idea that can accept any entry way and provide increased resell value. If your home gets a lot of foot traffic, you may benefit from picking colors which are somewhat darker or that conceal dirt more efficiently.

Storage is another important feature to consider when constructing or re-designed your entry. We spoke to an Oklahoma custom home builder and they had this to say. “Each foyer needs sufficient space for footwear and general belongings, in addition to a location for your keys and a place for mail and packages that may arrive at your doorstep. If space permits, consider installing built-in storage units to accommodate the shoes and packages that may collect inside the entry way. A small desk could be used also for storing everyday items that can continently be grabbed on the way out the door.

An area rug is another option you could include in an entry area. From a distance, the area rug gives a visual perimeter to put wet and muddy footwear. In climates which are consistently wet, it is a wonderful touch and should provide enough surfaces to collect dirt and mud before being tracked through the rest of the home.

Custom designed entry areas really make an impression on visitors. It’s also nice for the home owner, considering it’s the first thing they see when they walk in the door, having a refreshing entry area to walk into makes a big difference and can enhance mood. Arriving home after a long day is rough enough, but opening that door and enjoying a custom built foyer can make that long day seem not so bad after all.



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