Choosing the perfect houseplant for your home


Houseplants are something that gives beauty and life to your home. They can be kept anywhere in the room, on a bookcase, piano, and a refrigerator, or at the corners of your bathroom. In fact, there are more than 4 lakh species of plants on the globe to make the selection. However, the numbers are so huge that the task of choosing a small houseplant becomes tricky and overwhelming.

Therefore, to make the things easy and convenient below is a guide to take you in the right direction. Let us move forward and learn ‘How to choose the perfect houseplant?’


  • Determine the amount of light your house gets

If your house is much like a cave and does not get too much of light, you may still grow certain houseplants that do not need direct natural light. You can try to grow plants like arrowhead vine, cast iron plant, heart-leaf philodendron, pothos, snake plant or the Chinese evergreen. If your home gets too much of sun, you can try to grow Spider plant, rubber plant, dracaena, croton plant or pine.

  • Consider the humidity

Apart from the light factor, be aware of the humidity of your home. There are some plants which easily thrive in the dry climates whereas some prefer more moisture. If the humidity is of your house high, you can opt for some tropical plants such as Dracaenas and Chinese evergreen. If the humidity is low, cacti plants can be the best option for you.

  • Decorate

The houseplants are not just green. There are plants like Cyclamen, Paperwhites and African violets that provide color during the spring months and winter season. The leaves of the croton plants keep changing their shade throughout the year. There are plenty of other options as well which can add vibrant colors to your home.

So, if you really need some good options to enhance the décor of your sweet home, you can join hands with ePlanters. The experts from here can easily guide you through the task ‘how to choose the perfect houseplant.’ They even sell houseplant online to buy some of them.

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