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7 Mistakes Everyone Makes While Decorating Their Living Room.

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Designing your living room is something you always have to be spot on. A meticulously designed and maintained living rooms can relax our minds and take all the stresses away. Well-arranged seats, sofas that keeps drawing us inside. The long afternoon after exams, spending leisure while sleeping on the couch in your living room, favourite kind of music and the room will turn into heaven instantly. Hence, designing your living room properly is so important.

However, most of the people couldn’t do that and turn their living room into not that much attractive one. Sometimes, we miss simple things, just like a painting held too high or lightings not done right that turns your living room design into a disaster. So, we are here to light on some problems that mostly occurs while designing your living room. You can use HotOzCoupons to get great discounts on different living room furniture to replace your existing ones.

1.    The sofa is the first thing someone notices:

Interior designers say that a great living room starts with a great sofa. You might have friends who have bought and using very pricey and elegant sofas in their living room. But that isn’t going with the style of their living room. Not only that, that sofa has changed the looks of the living room drastically. But the owners be like, “yeah! We dream about a well-designed living room. But if the sofa is working well, why to change it?”. Well if you dream about a great and well-designed living room, get rid of your sofa if that doesn’t go with your living room decor. You can sell the couch, add some more money to it and buy a new sofa to go well with your living room decor.

2.    Showroom look:

There is a new trend in the market. It’s called the showroom look. Here, a room looks like a showroom. It seems like all the furniture are bought from the same shop. The living rooms look like a showroom. A perfect look for any workaholic person. However, if it doesn’t work for a house, you can’t do anything about it. So, try to mix up the vintage designs worth the new ones and create new things.

3.    Buying rugs that are too small:

Interior designers regret that sometimes that people are buying rugs that are too short. And that feels irritating. However, large rugs turned out to be expensive, but they are not suited to every home also. So, try the medium rugs instead. Consult an interior designer if needed to.

4.    Poorly planned layout:

Planning is the best part of the total design of your living room. A poorly designed living room can become your worst nightmare ever. It will also send wrong messages to your visitors. It can make them irritated too.

5.    Hanging art incorrectly:

They say, “art is a very important aspect of decorating a living room!”. Yes, we agree. They said, “art rather paintings should have to be kept on eye level?”. Damn true. Hanging art incorrectly means, another irritating message to your visitors. Because, if you have hung art pieces on your wall improperly, that is an unavoidable reason and causes distraction. An art piece hanging incorrectly means watching a movie with a character who wore an awful wig. Your visitors know that’s wrong, but they won’t tell you.

6.    Making It Too Precious to Live In:

The sitting room concept with plastic wrapped furniture is gone long ago. But the interior designers insist on paying attention if the living room can fit the convenience of everyday living. Selecting the designs are significant. Interior designers nowadays use outdoor rugs indoors. They say that these rugs will always be safe from the attacks of dogs and kids. Silk rugs were in trend a few months back. However, they can be easily destroyed by your pet. Instead, woollen rugs are best for families. Try to make sure that your living room can consist of all the things you might need. The toys, old papers, books, TV, and a junk drawer. It’s helpful.

7.    Not mixing the period and style:

Never mix the period and style while decorating your home. There are a lot of homeowners who renovate their living room based on the architecture they have in their houses. Our solution is, try to keep different styles from different periods together but don’t mix them. It will make your living room livelier.



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