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Hire the Company That Will Do Thing Correctly the First Time

In the Ann Arbor area of Michigan, A2roofing is everyone’s place to go for all roofing services for your home. It doesn’t matter if you live in a single-family home for one family or a 2 to 3 story residential dwelling for several families, this company can serve all roofing needs. They offer an assortment of services to help keep your home’s roof in top condition.

Schedule inspection

It is so important to planon annual exterior and interior roofing reviews. A2roofing will examine and evaluate your property from:

  • Ice dams
  • Shingles missing
  • Damage from water
  • Shingles wind damage
  • Leaks in roof
  • Ventilation that is poor
  • Inferior insulation
  • Roof flashing leaking

This company examines everything when it comes to a thoroughinspection of every area of the roof. Inside, they will check for sagging, leaks, and holes. When finished, the company will present the owner with a report on the inspection including any recommendations for immediate replacement or repair.

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A2roofing is a roofing company that is fully certified doing roofing Ann Arbor Michigan, that offers exceptional workmanship with superior quality materials and credentials that are current. They have all the needed contractor licenses, certifications as well as insurance. There is absolutely no need for you to leave the roof to chance by employing a roofing contractor who is probably unlicensed that you found online. By contacting A2roofing, you are ensuringthe roof will be replaced or repaired correctly and professionally, and in accordance with all local and state regulations.


No matter the style of home you have, or what type of roof you have, A2roofing has replaced and repaired them all, including:

  • Slate
  • Asphalt
  • Tile
  • Cedar shake
  • Metal

They are experts at reviewing copper valleys, copper flashing, insulation, roof flashing, and ventilation for any problems. For a more comprehensive list of all the various types of roofs that they inspect, as well as testimonials, and photos, check out their website. During the winter months, they will examine your roof for any heavy snow, and ice, ice dams, and clear any extra debris off, keeping the roof dry and clean.