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How New Attic Insulation Can Improve the Value of Your Home

An insulated attic is one of the most often type of home improvement and will make your home comfortable, more energy-efficient and increase the value. Spaces where the attic lacks any insulation can become damaged from water, cold and moldy and accounting for over 20 percent of a house’s unwanted air loss. So, making certain that your attic is insulated properly will add to the value of your home.

Improve home

If you believe that you need more insulation, 4 Weather Insulation and Roofing, insulation Calgary will inspect the insulation, have old insulation removed and new insulation installed. This can improve your home in several ways:

  • Air temperature consistency especially if you had excessive air leakage in your home;
  • Greener home by making your home retain heat helping the environment;
  • Rebates and energy saving because being less costly to cool and heat in the various seasons;
  • Well insulated property adds to the resale value of any real estate;
  • Uninsulated attics have no barrier between the outside moisture and the interior of the attic;
  • Moisture in excess contributes to the growth of mold. This is harmful to family’s health.
  • Old insulation removal can be dusty, moldy and in some cases, contains asbestos. When removed the air quality will be greatly improved.

Largest advantages

One of the biggest advantages to replace attic insulation is the range of savings of energy. Attic with new insulation can lower average heating bills by around 20 percent. In April in 2017, the government launched a system to offer financial rebates to those who worked with registered contractors on attic insulation.

Spray foam

New spray foam insulation is an efficient option regarding to meet any attic insulation needs. This spray foam insulation will effectively seal up air leaks better than any of the other insulation.


At 4 Weather Insulation and Roofing, they can help with all your needs for attic insulation. When this is replaced you are able in some cases to receive rebates on your attic insulation projects.