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Urbanclap Provided the Best Samsung Refrigerator Service Centre in Mumbai

We recently shifted to Mumbai from Pune and unfortunately while shifting, our refrigerator had some serious damage and it was not working properly since then. Being a working woman it was quite tough to manage without a refrigerator. Purchasing a new refrigerator was not on my mind as the one I was using was bought just a year ago. So I thought of getting the refrigerator repaired. I called the Samsung service centre as I thought I could have found the best Samsung refrigerator service in Mumbai from them only. But, since it was out of warranty they were charging a huge amount for the technical visit to find the defect in the refrigerator. I just thought that if the technical visit is costing this much what if it has got some major issue with the machine.

I dropped the idea of getting the service from the Samsung service centre and started searching for some local but the professional service person that can provide the best Samsung refrigerator service in Mumbai. I started my service person hunt from the various websites. But to the utter despair, I couldn’t find any professional who can solve the issue with my refrigerator. I contacted few of my friends to know whether they have any idea about any agency or company who can provide me with the best professional. One of my friends suggested me to try UrbanClap. She told me about the app and shared her personal experiences with the app too. I was too convinced with the fact that the app is the best service providing app I can find in the Google play store.

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Saviour at the need: UrbanClap

The app was the real saviour for the time being. I checked the ratings of the app on Google play store and was quite impressed that I tapped on the download button in order to get the app installed on my smart phone. Soon the app was installed and I clicked on the open button. The app required few of my details to get me registered on the platform so that I could have found the one I was searching for. I entered all the required details and soon I started receiving the welcome messages from the app. I entered what I was looking for and in which locality.

How to find the best at UrbanClap?

As soon as I entered my requirement, a list of professionals flashed on my smart phone’s screen. As my friend told me, I started comparing the ratings which they received from their previous clients. I also checked their reviews carefully so that I don’t land up selecting the wrong person for servicing my refrigerator. After a lot and lot of research, I short listed few of the professionals and started sending them personal messages asking them for their quotes and prices. I was really impressed to find that within no time I received price quotes from lot of professionals. After seeing the price quotes, I chose the one who demanded the least in the list.

I called the professional and discussed the problems I was facing with my refrigerator. He properly asked each and every detail about the refrigerator and that just let me know that he indeed was experienced in servicing the Samsung refrigerators. I asked him about his fees for the technical visit. He just asked for mere 300 bucks for the technical visit. He told if the parts will be all right he will not ask for anything more. But if the parts needed to be changed then I had to pay the cost of the parts. I was quite happy with this.

Why UrbanClap?

I will suggest anyone or everyone to try UrbanClap as it is certainly the best app to get the best professionals for anything you require. The range of their services is huge and you would be cent percent satisfied by their experienced professionals, no matter for which service you are hiring the professional. Even, I was very much satisfied with the professional who came to service my refrigerator. It was probably the best Samsung refrigerator service in Mumbai, I could have got. The professional arrived at the time he promised me and he was quite polite. The way he checked the technicalities of the refrigerator showed his experience. I was relieved that my refrigerator will be working fine in some time and I was actually thanking UrbanClap a thousand times in my mind.

Mr. Kuldeep Yadav from Chiller Refrigerator service in Mumbai was the best professional I could have ever got. He didn’t ask for anything extra as it was just misconnection of the wires, which he fixed within half an hour. I was too satisfied with the kind of service I got from the professional from UrbanClap.