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Security Tips On Protecting Yourself From Burglary

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According to statistics in the United States every eighteen seconds there is an actual burglary happening. It is very alarming as if we compute it then there are about 4,800 incidents of this happening every day. These just highlights that we should be more focused on getting our homes, cars, business establishments secured.

In the recent years, more and more cases of burglary are reported. Factors affecting such can be unemployment, increasing rise of costs basic needs, increasing numbers of high school dropouts.

Seven Facts about Burglary

  1. Burglary is at its highest during the summer season. Summer means barbecues and vacations during this season families are away from their home. Most of the time people leave their windows open to let air in for ventilation due to the weather.
  2. The myth that rose bushes thwarts away burglars is false. Thorny bushes do not keep them out. It is much better if your shrubs or plants are trimmed down below the window sills so one can easily see if someone is outside.
  3. In contrast to popular beliefs, home burglaries do not happen at night all the time. This common conception is not correct, a majority of thefts occurs between 10:00 am – 3:00 pm.
  4. Burglars take time in searching for the easy targets. Hence it does not take long for them to intrude a house and get the things that they want.
  5. Statistics indicate that the master bedroom is the first area that a burglar goes into. It is usually the first place that they scavenge to look for valuable items for.
  6. In a survey done by the U.S. Department of Justice, a study indicates that a member of the household is present in 28% of this kind of theft. Now 7% of them become victims of different types of crime.
  7. Majority of burglaries are done by burglars that live nearby.

Living close by makes it easy for them to understand your family’s daily routine. They also look for signs that would indicate if your family will go on vacation.  They are usually within 2 miles of their intended target.

These seven facts entail homeowners to be more vigilant in preventing or ensuring their home and household members security. So here are some ways to make your house hard for them to infiltrate.

  • Keep your curtains or blinds shut during the day; this would make window shopping for burglars at a minimum
  • Having a pet will not be a hindrance to installing alarms. Technology is at its best as there are now pet-friendly motion sensors
  • The moment that you see that locks at home tamper with it is best to seek professional help like locksmith Katy tx
  • Never hide your keys anywhere else on your property. Do not give a burglar an opening for him to commit theft just because they found your spare key.
  • Invest in setting up security cameras in your home. Also, you can download mobile security apps which can monitor and report back to you when someone comes near your home.

It is always best to have security and preventive measures in place. This not only keeps your home safe but it also keeps your family safe as well.