New Kitchen Cabinets as Well as Colors for Fall

kitchen cabinet

KitchenCraft is the first to be in favor of making a bit easier life, so they introduce new products that are:

  • Relevant
  • Functional
  • Fresh


Colors are also introduced in the hues that are the most recent for fall. Organizational products are full of options as well as enrichment of products that go above and beyond the latest bit of life simplification. Soak in all the wonderful new colors that are now being offered.

Newest for fall

The newest products for KitchenCraft Cabinets will give your space much more options for outward beauty and a lot of possibilities for inward organization. Fall is when there are skies that are threatening, and windswept water inspires the newest offerings for KitchenCraft color palette, in trending tons of white and gray – then adding depth and dimension to opaque finish collection.

kitchen cabinet

Newest colors

Cloudburst is a bold new color for cabinets that is not just your average gray but has hues that are deep and rich dimension. It was created as the backdrop for a space that is ready to make a statement.


With the new color Whitecap, the search for the perfect white is over. This crisp, white color of Whitecap will leave any space having a timeless and refreshed feeling. It is the perfect complement to many other design elements.

Wine cabinet

The wine connoisseur’s dream is a cabinet specifically designed to house wine bottles and looks great doing it. These three adjustable shelves, the Base Wine Storage Cabinet can hold up to 12 wine bottles.

Base utensil holder

Pull out cabinet for base utensil holder is the finest in convenience, not only to handily store your frequently used utensils, but the easy pull-out means accessibility that are simple. Three stainless steel bins are extremely functional while being easy on the eyes.

Base knife holder pull-out cabinet

What more could any cook want that an easy storage for knives – the Base Knife Holder Pull Out Cabinet. This stainless, storage bin is filled with rods that are flexible, allowing the kitchen cook to insert each knife anywhere in the bin and still have storage that is secure.