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Pre Purchase Sales Report

For most people there home is the biggest financial commitment they will ever make. It is something they spend years working towards and saving for. The Australian Dream is shared not only by Aussies but by people from all over the world. No matter where you live or what home you are thinking about buying it is important to make sure the property isn’t concealing any costly secrets.

Of course we recommend you get a professional pre purchase report from a qualified and trained expert. But here are a few things to note when you are looking over your new property.

Pre Purchase Check List

  1. The neighbours

Having a quick peak over the fence will tell you a lot about the property. Like how many and what types of weeds grow. Are there any large trees dropping leaves or that have branches that overhang the fence line. Properties are always made to look their best at the time of sale. Make sure to have a look at the neighbours and state of the street in general.

  1. The roof

If you’re serious about buying a house don’t be shy. Ask to have a look in the roof. You’ll be able to check for installation which is vital for keeping your home cool in summer. Check the structure of the beams and keep an eye out for rat droppings.

  1. Water and water pressure

Turn on all the taps test the shower and help yourself to a glass of water. Simple as this is most people never do this before deciding to buy.

  1. Lights and power sockets

Test all the lights to make sure none of them flicker. Flickering lights is a sign of bad or very old electrics. As you’re walking through ask if you can test the TV, push the toaster down and flick the kettle on. Simple but if you buy a house with bad electricity wiring you could be up for thousands.

  1. Door and windows

Open and close all the doors and windows. Tight fitting door/window frames are usually a sign that that house is taking in moisture usually caused by a problem with foundation or terminates.

Peter Ezeigew is the owner of Vital Building & Pest Inspections Australia located in Stanhope Gardens, Sydney, NSW 2768