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When to Have Your Roof Inspected for Hail Damage


Damage to roofs by hail and bad weather has been happening frequently this year especially in Indiana, Kentucky and the surrounding areas. In most cases bad hailstorms can mean an insurance claim that is expensive. That’s why selecting the best roofing company is important when needing your roof to be repaired because of damage by hail.

Extreme weather

Throughout this year’s extreme weather, nationally there has been well over $1.6 billion in hail damage so far. If you have been hit by hail storms several times this year you should call a good roofing company such as Stay Dry Roofing to come and inspect your roof.

No damage to unexperienced eyes

Even if there is no damage that can be seen by the unexperienced eye that does not mean there has not been any damage.

Missing shingles

If you do not see any missing shingles and there wasn’t any high wind with the hail storms it is a good bet that there has been damage and you need to have a good roofing company inspect your roof. Don’t wait until there is water leaking into your attic and a serious problem has developed into an even worse one.


Carefully read your insurance

There are many insurance companies that limit hail damage claims to 1 year. There are some companies that have a claim limit of even less. But it is true that often the roof is damaged from hail but does not show up immediately, so a few insurance companies will pay on claims past the stated deadline. But, the waiver of claim will limit this happening only when a large hail storm has happened over a large area.

If you have had a new roof put on recently, it is not covered for hail damage in the manufacturer’s warranty. Replacing it would be covered on your home insurance.

Stay Dry Roofing is experienced

So, if the hail storm was over a wide area during a large outbreak of storms, it is probably best to get a roof inspected by a roofing company such as Stay Dry Roofing as they are experienced in hail damage inspections.